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Instructions for Installing the Conduit Rat™

Step 1

  1.  Make a clean cut of 1/8″ fish tape.

Step 2

2.  Unscrew cap from baseof the Conduit Rat™; separate the Conduit Rat™ into point and base.  Next, slide base onto the end of the fish tape.

Step 3

3.  Apply heat to end of fish tape and bend tip of fish tape at 3/16″ using pliars, as shown.  Allow page to completely cool.  

Step 4

4.  Connect point of Conduit Rat™ with base of the Conduit Rat™ on fish tape.  Now Conduit Rat™ is ready to use.

Step 5 (DW04 ONLY)

5.  After fish tape has been inserted into base, insert set screw all the way into the base and screw cap into the base.

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Watch a short video on how to install the CONDUIT RAT™ onto your 1/8″ fish tape.


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